Five Reasons Why Monreal Should Be Your Favourite Player

On this day in 2013 Nacho Monreal signed for Arsenal. Personally I think Nacho should get more affection from the fans. Yes, yes, we know you love Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but perhaps there are actually other Arsenal players out there who are more deserving of your affection – players like Nacho Monreal.
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There are plenty of things to love about Nacho, and here arefive reasons why we think he deserves to be your favourite Arsenal player.

1. He appreciates the fans

Arsenal had to rush through Monreal’s signing in January 2013, meaning the Spaniard was unable to say goodbye to the Malaga fans and his team-mates before heading to the Emirates Stadium.

But to make up for it, the 29-year-old flew back to Malaga 24 hours after his Arsenal debut to say an emotional farewell to the supporters.

‘I’ve come here to say thanks for a beautiful year and a half. The people at the club and the supporters made me feel at home, and I want to tell them that there will be one more M├ílaga fan in London.’

Aww. He’s already starting to create this sort of connection with the Arsenal fans, and they love him for it.

2. He’s getting better every year

As Wenger says, Monreal has ‘improved every year since he arrived’.

But in this case, Monreal has gone from strength to strength with each year he’s spent at Arsenal, going from the club’s second-choice left-back to arguably the Premier League’s best in his position.

If he keeps up this rate of improvement, who knows what he can go on to achieve.

3. He’s perfect for Arsenal

To play in Arsenal’s defence, you need to be able to fit in with their style of player, but also provide the tough tackling that they have so lacked in recent years.

Fortunately, Monreal is more than capable in both of those departments.

The Spaniard has registered 38 tackles in the Premier League this season, which is more than any other Arsenal player has managed.

And, even more remarkably he even had the highest pass success rate in the whole of the Champions League last season, finishing up with a passing accuracy rate of 96.8%.

It’s almost like he’s tailor-made for the Gunners…

4. He’s a lucky charm

Monreal is undoubtedly Mr Consistent, and the Gunners are certainly more dependable when he’s in the side.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and Monreal has a win percentage of 69% – the second highest of any Arsenal player to play 50 Premier League games (Edu had a win rate of 70%). There’s still plenty of time for Nacho to beat that, though…

And what’s more, the Gunners have never lost when Nacho has scored either. No you just can't lose when Nacho scores…

5. He’s a great example

Soon after arriving at the Emirates, Monreal found himself stuck on the outside looking in as Kieran Gibbs cemented his place as the club’s first choice left-back.

But Monreal quietly went about being second-choice, and through hard work and personal improvement has become the club’s undisputed first-choice.

Some players speak out publicly when they’re not getting enough game time, but we never heard so much as a peep out of Monreal, and credit to him for that...
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