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Santi Cazorla has revealed he has a dog called Zlatan, named after the Paris Saint-Germain striker. The Arsenal midfielder was taking part in a rapid-fire question-and-answer game with Nacho Monreal, with the pair rattling through a whole host of questions ranging from music taste to favourite TV shows.
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Cazorla was happy to admit that one of his three pups was named after the Swedish striker.
Monreal appears to be just as amused as we are to this revelation.

Asked about the name of his first pet, Cazorla says he had a dog when he was little but doesn't remember its name ("Maybe Nacho," he jokes). But these days he has three dogs, one of which is apparently named for the Sweden star.

"Their names are Zlatan, Mary and Paco," Cazorla says in the video, drawing laughter from Monreal.

"Why Zlatan?" the defender asks.
"He is named for Zlatan Ibrahimovic," Cazorla replies.

Personally I can only assume that Zlatan the dog also has a huge ego and a long long nose too.

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