Arsenal Stars In "Save The Rhino Vietnam" Charity Awareness

Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey has convinced some of his Arsenal team mates to join a charity program to raise funds to generate awareness about Rhinos been poached all over the world. Paul Blackthorne and Aaron Ramsey are releasing the ‘Save the Rhino Vietnam’ T-shirt to raise funds for ‘Save the Rhino International’ and generate awareness that 90% of Rhino horn poached in Africa ends up in Vietnam.
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The release of the T-shirt coincides with Paul’s upcoming trip to Vietnam where he will spend two weeks with ‘Save the Rhino International and their partners Education for Nature Vietnam’ visiting schools, universities, press, media and business leaders to raise awareness of the Rhino crisis.

Rhinos have been on the earth for 50 million years, at the current rate of poaching, all Rhino species face EXTINCTION in the wild within TEN YEARS.
A Rhino is poached every eight hours in South Africa.
We have lost 95% of the world’s Rhinos.
When poached, the Rhino’s horn is cut off often while still alive, they are then left to bleed to death in the bush.

100% of proceeds from this campaign will benefit Save the Rhino International.

Paul, Aaron and Rhinos everywhere, thank you for your support.
T-shirts ship internationally.

You can buy your shirt HERE

"I am delighted to be teaming up with Paul and the Save the Rhino organization and getting involved in a cause that is close to my heart. It is heartbreaking to see what is happening to these amazing animals and to think that in just 10 years there may be no Rhinos left in the wild due to poaching is a terrible thought. We need to educate people quickly and bring an end to the poaching immediately." -- Aaron Ramsey
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