Cech: Why Rosicky Is A Czech Great

Tomas Rosicky in Czech colors
Petr Cech says Tomas Rosicky’s ability to “always create something” makes him one of the Czech Republic’s greatest-ever players.

The 35-year-old midfielder will leave Arsenal this summer after making 246 appearances in his 10 years at the club.

Cech is better positioned than most to judge his compatriot, having also played alongside him at national team level for 14 years - and the Arsenal goalkeeper feels Rosicky has always been “a brilliant player”.

“He is one of the best-ever Czech players, and we have had so many great players,” Cech told Arsenal Player. “He is right among them. Every time you see him playing, you see what a brilliant player he is.

“Unfortunately for him, when he was on top of his form an injury always came. I have to say that is a credit to him because when he had a difficult time with injury he always managed to come back and every time he came back he was as good as he was before.

“It’s been a great journey for him personally in the national team, at Dortmund and at Arsenal. It’s just a shame that Arsenal couldn’t have him on the pitch more often because he is a really talented player.

“He is one of those players who is great to watch but also great to play with. Every time you give him the ball, something happens.

“He moves the game forward and never slows it down. He always creates something.

"He creates opportunities for everyone else and that is one of his main strengths. As soon as you give him the ball you know something is happening.”

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