Granit Xhaka: Which Arsenal Midfielder's Career Will He End?

Arsenal in 10 years, has made 3 big signings from Germany. Lukas Podolski, Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky. Mertesacker turned into signed at the remaining day of the transfer window on that day of madness in 2012. Podolski & Rosicky have been offers finished in April and May respectively. Deals completed early. I think the Xhaka hearsay might be turn out to be real So if Xhaka is coming in, in which state does it leave other Arsenal’s midfielders?
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From what we have heard of the Swiss midfielder.  He is a bit of an all rounder. Defensive but can pass and get forward. I see him being the sides primary defensive midfielder if he signs, replacing Francis Coquelin. He is a good place to start.

Francis Coquelin

He has been a revelation due to the fact that he broke through on the lower back end of 2014. Full of electricity, works difficult for the group, gets around the pitch, a crunching tackle, enthusiasm, heart and discipline.

His principal weakness  is his distribution. He isn't always the high-quality passer. And with him on the back, it has restricted Arsenal’s ability to launch assaults from deep. Our protective midfielder see’s extra of the ball than another participant. We need a person who can bypass. Xhaka can. Coquelin cannot.

Coquelin flourished while gambling subsequent to Santi Cazorla. As he could win the ball, play a brief pass to Cazorla, who might launch the assault.

Xhaka will not suggest the quit of Coquelin. however Coquelin will locate himself as a bench player.

Lately he has been demoted as Wenger has long gone with the Elneny/Ramsey axis. This can hold into next season with Xhaka playing ahead of him.

Where Coquelin will excel is in bigger games where we want extra protective safety from the midfield. Coquelin will be available along Xhaka imparting a solid protective duo.

My wager for next season? Ozil for Coquelin might be the most common substation made.

Mohamed Elneny

Over the previous few games, Elneny has changed Coquelin as Wenger realised that we have been suffering to transition the ball from defence into midfielder. His partnership with Aaron Ramsey seems to paintings lots better than Coquelin / Ramsey.

With Xhaka coming in, the destiny of Elneny must be brought into question. Does he have a destiny?

Xhaka will update him in the starting 11. And with Coquelin a higher option on the bench for a protective substitution, I see Elneny being a peripheral squad participant.

Such a cheap signing, it may be that he become constantly a short time period alternative.

I do now not need to jot down him off, and he should hold his development, but I see him as no extra than a back up participant. Being returned up for Xhaka if he is out, or a alternative for Aaron Ramsey and/or Jack Wilshere once they get injured.

Jack Wilshere

Xhaka will not be finishing Wilshere’s Arsenal profession but he will simply be changing it.

Wilshere has proven he is incapable of staying in shape Whilst he is fit, he is a superb player. however the same could be said of Diaby.

His future at Arsenal is without a doubt now as a squad player. someone who can't be relied upon to be a constant starter, but can be used as a back up player for any of the 3 central midfield positions, and a good opinion off the bench.

An excellent player, however there's no point being terrific when you are constantly inside the medical room.

Aaron Ramsey

A consistent starter this season, regardless of being in negative shape, the signing of Xhaka will upload competition to his role in midfield.

At the same time as Xhaka will not directly be in competition with Ramsey, an extra satisfactory player in midfield will make Ramsey sit up.

It would mean that the manager would have the option to play Coquelin alongside in the back games. And then add Wilshere and Elneny into the mix, any loss of form for Ramsey would result in him surely losing his place in the side

Santi Cazorla

The Coquelin / Cazorla axis labored so nicely in the course of the early part of the season. however the signing of Xhaka will put an end to that.

Most likely, Arsenal will start the majority of games with Xhaka and Ramsey. Ozil ahead of them. Xhaka’s natural replacements are Coquelin & Elneny, Ramsey’s will be Wilshere. So where does that leave Santi Cazorla?

The best place I see him fitting in is Ozil’s understudy.

Like Ramsey, this would then see Ozil get a kick up the arse. Having someone quality to back him up and put pressure on him.

Taking into account the injuries in the middle of the park we get year after year, Xhaka will be a quality signing. A leader. A general. It is certainly one to be excited about.

The domino effect however may see Mohamed Elneny’s Arsenal career being over before it has really begun.

But as the say "To build you have to destroy" Wenger will have to make that decision of who to destroy in this case...
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