For Once Am Going To Support Spurs

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While things are looking pretty flippin’ good from an Arsenal point of view right now, with a decent draw against Reading at home for the next round of the EFL cup as well as a good chance of topping our Champions League group and winning the last four Premier League games in a row, the Gunners are still faced with the worrying fact that we are still five points behind the current league leaders.

As well as Arsenal are playing at the moment, we did have a slow start whereas Pep Guardiola and Man City were at it from day one and unless something happens to disrupt their momentum I am worried that they will be too strong to catch even if Wenger and the players keep going along well.

There is also that niggling concern that a club could take the gloss off Wenger and Arsenal’s unique invincibles season by matching the feat of going a season unbeaten, so the sooner someone inflicts a defeat on Man City the better.

The next team to give it a try this weekend will be our north London rivals and as wrong as it feels for an Arsenal fan, I am hoping that the spuds win. They would also remain unbeaten and would stay above us in the table but I am not as worried about them as I am about City. A draw would also be good but if either side is to win it would be better for us if it was Tottenham.

Spurs will have had an extra day to prepare and City are coming off the back of a tough game and a slightly disappointing result away to Celtic, so there is a chance that our hated rivals could do it. Whisper it if you like Arsenal fans, but we should be backing the spuds this weekend.
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