Arsenal Supporters Club Is On Telegram - Whatsapp Group Has Been Deleted

Hello gooners, I'm really glad to break the news to you guys that we have created a new Arsenal Supporters Club on Telegram and we are moving the old members on our Whatsapp group to the Telegram group. It wasn't really my plan to cause  you guys the inconvenience of download new app (for those that are not on Telegram) but we had to do it for the betterment of the group and give the group users more features, so the group will be more fun and lively.
Arsenal Supporters Club telegram
Like I said earlier it wasn't for the fun of it but because there are some very good reasons why I have decided to delete the Whatsapp group.

Some Reasons Why We Moved To Telegram

One of the main reasons why we moved to Telegram is because Whatsapp has members limit of 500 which is very poor compared to Telegram's 5000 member capacity in a single group. An old adage said the more the merrier. Right? So we moved to where will contain all of us. Yeah! We are not up to 5k members now but we will definitely get there.

Basic feature of Telegram

  1. It can contain up to 5,00 members in a group
  2. It has mention features like Twitter and Instagram
  3. It's 12mb in size (smaller than whatsapp)
  4. It has cool stickers and emojis
  5. Members can easily share videos 

Where To Get Telegram?

It's 2018 guys so everything is easier, android users can download Telegram from Google Playstore. iOS users can download Telegram from Apple App store. 
We are not leaving anyone behind, blackberry, java/symbian users  can search on google if there's a version of Telegram available for you guys.

Features Of Arsenal Supporters Club

  1. There's a bot that controls spam activity
  2. We have a livescore bot that gives match updates
  3. There's a bot that posts video highlights in you missed the match
  4. We don't remove or block people in the group
  5. Most importantly, everybody is equal.

How To Join The Group On Telegram?

Oh! It's as easy as taking candy from a baby. After downloading and registering your account on Telegram search for Arsenal Supporters Club or just Click Here to join.


You can scan the QR code below to join the group.
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  1. Very good. I prefer Telegram to WhatsApp. Telegram has cool stickers and other cool stuff


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