Bellerin Calls Out Daily Mail On Twitter For Lying Against Him

It's raining controversies all around Arsenal, barely 5 days after BBC apologised for making fun of former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who stepped down from the managerial role at Arsenal at the end of last season,  Hector Bellerin has called out giant British daily middle-market tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail for publishing information about him which is not true.
Hector Bellerin painting
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A lot of media outlets include Dail Mail reported that the Spanish defender splashed whooping £25,000 on the exotic paintings, this news came with a lot of mixed feeling from fans. Some of the fans felt he Bellerin is being extravagant while others feel he's spending his money and owes nobody any explanation.

Well! I don't know the group of fan you belong to but the issue here is that Hector Bellerin has come out to clarify the fact that the painting which was done by London  trendy artist Endless was a gift and he never paid a dime for it. He denied the claims on Twitter, posting "people need to stop telling lies and get their facts right". Tweet below
It has been reported that The Bellerin portrait is part of Endless's new Deities collection, which highlights differences between old and new symbols of worship from all over the World.

Bellerin said:
In my opinion Endless is one of the best and coolest British artists out there today.
Bellerin who has started all three of Arsenal's games in the new Premier League in this campaign will likely feature on Sunday ahead of Stephan when the Gunners visit Cardiff...
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