Arsenal Must Go Undefeated To Stand Chance Of Winning League

Even though Arsenal disappointed in the latest key moments of the season, there is still hope that the Premier League trophy could come to Emirates. We’ve looked into what needs to happen for the Gunners to become Champions and even though it is not entirely up to them, they still need to end this season with an undefeated streak. Wenger’s side started out well with a 2-0 win over Everton which was the third toughest adversary they were about to face in this 9 game marathon. It was obvious that by leaving behind the pressure from the Champions League and the FA Cup, the players performed a lot better. They seemed focused and more relaxed which is exactly when Arsenal are at their best.
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Unfortunately, Dani Alves might have been right when saying that the North Londoners have yet to develop the mental strength to battle on three separate fronts without succumbing to the pressure. It`s fine, they will most likely get there in 1-2 years after players like Iwobi, Walcott, Ramsey, Coquelin and Bellerin build their confidence. There’s also the fact that in 1-2 years Arsenal will no longer be counting on players like Flamini who would not be present in any of Wenger’s line-ups if not for the endless injury list featuring all of Arsenal’s midfield.

Maybe Cech will become the new leader thus solving another big issue Arsenal had this season. There was no one to motivate a squad that plays beautiful football but has trouble coming back when things are not going their way. Sanchez looked like a good leader as well but he sometimes looks more concerned with his personal performance, reminding us a bit of the times Ronaldo shouts at Benzema or Rodriguez. Ramsey is also an option but he first needs to stay away from injury. If Wenger works on the players’ morale and if Cech steps up, Arsenal will be unstoppable. Solving these two issues will also keep players like Ozil and Sanchez at the club as according to the Daily Star, the lack of glory could turn their attention a different way.

Leaving all that behind, Arsenal need to also focus on the “now”. Their next test is against the team that eliminated them from the FA Cup. Watford arrive at Emirates on the 2nd of April when hopefully most of Wenger’s lot problems will be solved.
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