Arsenal vs Tottenham: The Tale Of Two Seasons

Arsenal are a club in crisis. A club in a downward spiral. The future is bleak. There is a civil war. There is fighting on the terraces. Animosity towards the manager. Anger towards the board. Disdain towards the majority share holder. Less than 4 miles up the road, the story is different. Spurs have had their greatest season of recent times. They are on the up. The manager is a genius. A supportive board. A new stadium on the way. Young English talent coming through. The future is bright.
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You could not get two contrasting atmospheres. On the face of it, A Tale of Two Seasons.

Yet the reality is, with 1 game to go in the season, just two points separate the two sides from North London.

Both sides have actually had very similar seasons.

Both flirted with a title challenge. Arsenal for the first half of the season. Spurs for the last quarter as they came up the rails with others going backwards.

Arsenal led for 6 weeks. Spurs led for 13 minutes.

Both went out of Europe at the last 16 stage to the first decent team they player. Arsenal in the Champions League/. Spurs in the lesser Europa League.

Spurs were knocked out of the 3rd round of the League Cup, to Arsenal. Arsenal lost in the next round against Sheffield Wednesday.

The FA Cup showed a similar story. Spurs made the 5th round, losing at home to Crystal Palace. Arsenal one step further, the quarter final’s losing at home to Watford.

On the balance, you could say that Arsenal have had the better season.

They played in the Premier European competition, and were in both cups for longer. In the 3 games the two met, Spurs failed to beat Arsenal, with Arsenal winning once.

Yet it is Arsenal who have had an annus horribilis whilst Spurs are riding the crest of a wave.

It perhaps shows the difference in expectations of the clubs that Arsenal would see finishing 2nd as a failure this year, whilst Spurs would be very happy finishing 3rd.

Tomorrow we go into the last day of the season. Two points between the two sides.

Arsenal finish 2nd, it will be 20 years in a row. An era of dominance never seen before, and that will probably never be seen again. yet the fans will not celebrate much. In the pubs after the talk will be of disappointment. Of what might have been.

Spurs finish 2nd, they will be celebrating up and down Tottenham High Road. There will be DVD’s. There will be open top bus rides. The locals will get the bunting out.

And that probably sums it up. Finishing above your rivals once in 20 years is the equivalent of the fat ginger kid getting laid for the first time in 20 years. Most people would not really care, but they will never stop speaking about.

Tomorrow back the team, be loud. Let’s do our job, and hopefully Newcastle do theirs. And then its happened again…

Personally, no matter what's happens tomorrow, I will always be Arsenal. #COYG I love this club...
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