Attention: iPads Are Banned At The Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium
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Arsenal face Manchester City at Etihad Stadium on Sunday - and you can view the visiting supporters' guide below.

NB. One of the banned items at Etihad Stadium is iPads

 Here is a snippet of the supporters guide by the club below...

"Supporters   will   be   searched   prior   to   entering   the
stadium. These thorough searches will be carried out
Manchester  City  Football  Club  Security  and
may  be  present  at  the  turnstiles.
Any  supporter  found
with   prohibited   items   in   their   possession
may be arrested.  Items that are prohibited in the stadium include:

Pyrotechnics, flares or smoke bombs
Knives,   weapons   (or   items   considered   to   be

Air    horns,    loud   hailers   (megaphones)    and
musical instruments

Golf umbrellas
and selfie sticks

We are however happy for supporters to bring:

Flags or banners (maximum size is 2m x 1m.  Flag
poles  are  not  allowed  nor  are  flags  that  portray
offensive language and/or imagery"
Click here to view the full supporters' guide.
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