Find Out: Who Is Arsenal Flop Of The Season

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Admittedly, there was a bit of deliberating and ‘mental strength’ was also right up there but our 27-year-old forward took the crown. Unlucky Theo.

I think the reason everyone’s so disappointed with Walcott’s season isn’t because he’s a terrible, terrible footballer (although some may argue that he is), it’s because we expected so much more and majority of us feel let down and… a bit sad to be honest.

Walcott’s season, once again, was hampered by injury – a fact of life we’ve all grown used to during his decade in north London. However, when he was on the pitch, he didn’t do a lot. His dip in form, and the negativity surrounding it, obviously got to him because he only scored five goals in 28 Premier League performances, which simply isn’t good enough.

Theo Walcott
Theo Walcott
His performances went from poor to embarrassing pretty quickly.
Remember when he tripped over his own feet against Crystal Palace? Of course you do, it was only a few weeks ago.

His passing accuracy was just over 78% and he was only making 10.7 passes per game. To put this into perspective, 20-year-old Alex Iwobi was making 26.8… Granted, Theo’s game time was depleting by the match but during his time on the pitch he should have been showing the boss why he should be starting, not shying away from responsibility.

Theo was always the player who was going to be the next big thing but, at the age of 27, it’s looking as if he isn’t and it’s disappointing.

Walcott is not a bad player but is he right for Arsenal?

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