Gotze Prefers Arsenal To Liverpool

According to this week’s edition of SportBild magazine which has a four page feature on recent Gotze goings-on, which appears to be an awful lot of words. SportBild explain that agent Volker Struth told Gotze he wasn’t prepared to watch as the footballer’s career went down the drain, and Gotze responded by saying he was thinking of a separation anyway.

Mario Gotze has once again dismissed rumours linking him with a move to Liverpool as he believes joining the Merseyside club would be a step backward from Bayern Munich.

It’s claimed that Struth himself called the meeting, aware a parting of the ways was perhaps on the cards, but cared little and wasn’t at all bothered by the potential lack of commission. This very much doesn’t sound like a case of Gotze doing all the dumping.

Gotze turned down moves to Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund, say SportBild, because he thinks the clubs would be a backwards step from Bayern Munich. The Bayern player is said to believe that Real Madrid, Barcelona, and ‘possibly even’ Arsenal are the top clubs he should be aiming for.

Arsenal however doesn’t appear to be interested in the midfielder, with Arsene Wenger having quite a number of attacking midfielders at his disposal, Gotze certainly has high hopes, especially with Barcelona and Real Madrid and it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing him in a Liverpool shirt next season.

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