3 Reasons Why Arsenal Fans Should Forget About The Transfer Window

Right after the first game of the season, the boos were back at the Emirates but this was the last thing the team needed. The fans behind them was the one thing that keeps a side going and hearing the dissent from the stands wasn’t the best feeling for most Arsenal fans and the manager but they must be used to this by now.

Arsenal though have to get back to the Premier League and they would need vociferous support for the upcoming games at the Emirates and away from home as well. The fans are the 12th man of the team and if they are not egging their team on, well, they might as well play in an empty stadium.

The fans are integral to every football club and it is the same for even the biggest clubs in the world. Arsenal is no exception and here are three reasons why the fans should stop being negative and support the side.

It is only the first game of the season 

This was just the first game of the season and the side they played against actually had a better preseason than the Gunners. Liverpool were rampant against Arsenal and even though the side did trail 4-1 at one stage, the Gunners did make a stirring come back and they could have equalised had they been a little bit lucky.
The London side did make a fight out of the game and the fans should have applauded that, instead of having a pop at them. The Premier League still has 37 games to go and if Arsenal can get on a good run there is no reason why they cannot win the league title, to do that, Arsenal need to have their fans supporting them from now.

Players are to come back soon

The central defensive pairing of Rob Holding and Calum Chambers is not going to be the final one for this season. Laurent Koscielny will be coming into the team shortly and so should Gabriel at least.

The same goes for Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud, who should return from their extended breaks after the Euro 2016 excursion. The return of these stars should give Arsenal a bit more bite in the team and that should also lead to better results. The fans should take a break from the booing and cheer the side, at least when the proper XI of Arsenal start playing on a regular basis.
Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud

Team would want fans behind them 

Team would want fans behind tNo team would want to play for a bunch of fans that are always looking for blood. Arsenal are not in the worst position at the moment and have a lot to play for and anything can happen in the sport of football, just look at Leicester City last season.

The Gunners have a great team and are still in all the competitions, no one wins the league in the first game of the season and no one loses it either, so the side have a lot of work to do. With the fans cheering them on, there is no reason why they cannot achieve all that they have sought out to do.

Arsene Wenger is a smart manger and he will have worked on his side to ensure that a repeat performance does not happen and when Arsenal do get the three points in the next game, we will see a different side of the fans, a bunch of happy ones and that would be what the players would expect also them
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