Get In Here: At Last Arsenal Parrot is Finally Back From Sabbatical

After what may seem like ages, I'm finally back to this blog which I nearly gave up on...wait hold up, a minute! Did I just say nearly? Don't mind me "nearly" is an understatement with my last article on this blog being back on 3th March 2017. Omg! That's more than a year already. And I'm really glad to be back here and I'm sure you all would want to know why I left for so long without any notice. I will tell you guys.
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Flash back to March 2017; the month I wrote my last article on this blog before now, there are a lot of issues that made go away without leave.
I lost my mum and the trauma took a toll on me, I tried to keep going but everybody has a breaking point so I had to take a break to recuperate.
Another issue is my education, I was chasing a Bsc in my field of study and I had to concentrate for the final examinations. Had to take enough time to prepare and I couldn't combine my exam preparations and blogging so it was inevitable that I had to leave but I regret leaving without a notice.

There's time for everything and yes this is the time for Arsenal Parrot to be back to what it used to be...wait! No! Not what it used to be but better than what it used to be and it's no joke I'm bringing out some new features too for you readers.

What's new?
Well! The most obvious new thing on this blog right now apart from the fact that I'm back is the design. Except you are a new reader you sure must have noticed that the design has changed enirely.
Design: It's kind of weird leaving a house for more than a year and you don't clean up or renovate when you get back, right? So I decided to get a new clean design which is way cooler than the previous one. I hope you love it?.
This design loads faster than the previous one and it;s responsive which means it can be viewed on any device no matter how small or big the screen is.

IM Chat Groups: This one is going to be a killer one, I'm so excited about this particular one. Where you have a group for Arsenal fans on a platform like Telegram and also Whatsapp this means you can discuss match details with a lot of people and know how they feel, plus you get to meet new people. Cool! Right? Well! There's also a Facebook group which you can join by clicking HERE.

Guest Post: Now here ladies and gentlemen is the best of them all, what this means is that you can have your article, of course it has to be related to Arsenal or the Premier league published here on this blog for free and full credit given to you, plus it will contain you photo so people will know you wrote it. Tell me what's cooler than that? Nothing I guess

Now you must agree that's quite an improvement and improvement we have made around here, and I believe you guys will enjoy it. People are already joining our Arsenal Telegram group and also our Facebook group and just as the Premier League is about to kick of you could as well join the conversation on your preferred platform.

It's a wrap here people, use the comment box below to express yourself... Thank you for reading.
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Get In Here: At Last Arsenal Parrot is Finally Back From Sabbatical Get In Here: At Last Arsenal Parrot is Finally Back From Sabbatical Reviewed by Paulson Ikenna Kyrian on 23:45 Rating: 5


  1. You are welcomed back, I can't wait for more updates from your blog, I will be joining your what's app group and dropping some nice guest post soon!

    1. Thanks man!More updates will be coming daily. Whatsapp group will be created soon, right now it's Telegram and Facebook group that's active.
      I will be expecting your guest post soon.

  2. Glad to have you back. Writing always requires consistency, i hope your return will be better. Welcome one again.

    1. Yeah! I have fully returned now,even if I have to leave again I will find a co author to keep it alive till I come back but I don't plan on leaving again

  3. Good to have you back, Good piece and lovely write up. Looking forward to get the latest updates. Keep it up with your hard work

    1. Thanks man, constant and current updates will always be posted here. Thanks for taking a minute to comment here.


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